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Desura, Dreamscape, Thailand, Game Bundles, and Frayed Knights

Posted by Rampant Coyote on October 27, 2011

Okay, time for a little status update.

I’m supposed to be in Thailand right now on business for ye olde Day Job. Due to the terrible flooding in that region, that’s been delayed.  So my schedule and plans have had to be a little bit on the flexible side (is that a good euphemism for “chaos?” I don’t know).  To make it up to me, the day job is in something of a minor crunch mode right now, and life decided to hit me with a minor cold. Not fun, but compared to what the folks in parts of Thailand are dealing with right now, it’s not even worth complaining about.

A new update for Frayed Knights: The Skull of S’makh-Daon should be available in a few days (probably next week). It’s not going to radically change the game or anything, but there will be some nice improvements and a whole slew of bug-fixes. And there’s a major free bonus becoming available soon.  I didn’t expect it to be as major as it is, especially since it’s free, but hey. It’s all good. There’s a recent review at True PC Gaming you can check out, and I expect several more to be forthcoming. It’s a big game and we’re in the middle of the big holiday push in the gaming press, so games journalist are a little on the overwhelmed side right now.

I haven’t yet made the existing Frayed Knights keys available for activation on Desura yet. That should be done soon, prior to the release of the update. On the topic of Desura: If you are inclined to pick up Aldorlea Games’ Dreamscape, I’d naturally prefer it if you buy it from Rampant Games, I did want to point out that Desura is building up their indie RPG catalog quite nicely, and has now included Dreamscape to their line-up. And it’s cheaper through Desura as well. You know, in the interest of full disclosure. *Sigh.* It’s just how it goes as an affiliate. 🙂

Speaking of cheaper, Desura and IndieGames.com have combined to serve up a new indie bundle deal called “Indie Royale.” It’s a “pay what you want” with an interesting twist – the minimum price gradually rises as people pay the minimum, but it falls if people pay more than the minimum.  The minimum price is a little over $5 this morning (it was around $2-$3 when I bought the bundle yesterday), and it’s still a bargain for any one game in the bundle.  I’d already owned Sanctum, so I now own it twice. I find that happens a lot with these bundles. 🙂 I’d played the demo for Gemini Rue and was extremely impressed – it looks like it could have been made by LucasArts or Sierra in their adventure game heydays. I just hadn’t had time to pick it up and play it with Frayed Knights entering testing.  I’d never followed A.R.E.S. Extinction Agenda and Nimbus, and was very pleasantly surprised. Especially Nimbus. What a fun little game!

Well, there’s your info dump for the week.

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  • Demiath said,

    Indie Royale is a nice deal, although some users (such as me) still have issues with getting faulty Steam keys for Sanctum. Should hopefully be taken care of soon, though.

  • Rampant Coyote said,

    I saw they issued an apology and promised to get it fixed Real Soon Now.

    Sanctum is pretty fun game, but I was left a little unimpressed by its DLC. It’s probably a lot better multiplayer.

  • WinterIsHere said,

    Yay new update and bonus for FK inbound! Thanks Jay!

  • Lucky Day said,


    will this include a hot key for the UI frame or a way to remap map the mouse to movement controls? I always like moving forward with the right mouse button.

    Great game, man! I’m really enjoying it. Now I’m going to wait to play just so I get the full (new) experience. That is, if it doesn’t need a restart.

    -don’t worry about it, its just fourth wall stuff.

  • Rampant Coyote said,

    You shouldn’t need to restart the game – the saved-games should be compatible.

    As far as exactly what’s in it, I’m keeping mum while some experiments are taking place.

  • Demiath said,

    @Rampant Yes, some users apparently got their problems fixed pretty quickly and the guy in charge of Indie Royale’s support responded almost immediately to my mail about the issue. However, as of yet none of their efforts have solved the problem for me personally, and they apparently don’t know what to do about it…

  • Lucky Day said,


    Haven’t played the game in weeks waiting for the patch.

    Any news? Sorry to be a pest – I know you must be playing Skyrim or something.