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Atari Vault Coming to Steam

Posted by Rampant Coyote on January 27, 2016

AsteroidsCabinetjpg“Atari Vault” is coming to Steam. With, like, global Steam leaderboards for Atari games. Which is cool.

What’s unclear is exactly what original format these games will be – arcade, the 2600, the 5200, or even some of the Atari PC / Windows games? The ones mentioned by name – Centipede, Asteroids, Tempest, Missile Command, and Warlords – had several incarnations, including arcade, console ports, and remakes.  (In fact, I recently played an Web version of Asteroids on Atari’s own site which is… um…. terrible.)

Maybe this is a chance for MAME players to finally go legit? I can hope…

These are supposed to be updated with new multiplayer options, Steam leaderboards, and Steam Controller support. The word on the press release is that the Steam Controller offers much more precise control. We’ll see. It’s supposed to be demoed at PAX South at the end of the week.

But hey… if I could add some arcade-game wishlist items, how about… RoadBlasters? Space Duel (really an Asteroids sequel)?

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