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InSomnia RPG is Going Back to the Crowdfunding Well

Posted by Rampant Coyote on January 22, 2016

Insomnia_ss7This is both unsurprising and disappointing. InSomnia – now described as a “retro-futuristic” RPG (previously a “dieselpunk” RPG… I’m not sure if that’s a new direction or simply a way to describe it to people who don’t know what dieselpunk is) – is running out of money after a quarter-million was spent in development. They announced yesterday that they are launching another Kickstarter campaign to get additional crowdfunding.

Most of the nearly quarter-million dollars they report spending was from their own pockets, not the original Kickstater funding, so it’s not like they weren’t committed.  They had skin in the game. But their design was really ambitious. Originally, before a previous Kickstarter failed, the game was billed as an MMO. More recently, they changed engines from Ogre3D to Unreal, an action that necessitated rebuilding their assets, and more than doubled their projections for game length.

At least they are planning on releasing a new demo to demonstrate their progress before the new campaign launches. I haven’t played the old one. I want to believe, but… well. I hope they make it, and actually release this year.  But I cannot say I’m overwhelmed with confidence. Ambition and talent is great, and I want to support that, but experience counts for a lot more.

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