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So What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Posted by Rampant Coyote on July 31, 2010

So – just out of curiosity here, what games are YOU playing this weekend?

I mean besides Starcraft 2. 🙂  (I don’t have it, myself, and don’t have time to play. )

Just kinda curious where tastes and spare time is running…

As for me – besides Frayed Knights, I’m planning on putting a little time into Underworld.

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  • Bad Sector said,

    Some new Quake 1 maps :-P.

    I finally got bored waiting for Steam to put some Quake 1 Mac port and decided to install Steam in a laptop i have so i can copy the data files from that installation to my Mac and use it with the QuakeSpasm engine and Quake Injector (an awesome front end to a usermap database which automatically downloads maps and their possible mod requirements). I only did that today and it has been since May that i played the game and i saw that there are a couple of new usermade maps to enjoy 🙂

  • droid said,

    This week was Alien Swarm. (The price was right.)

    I go through them pretty quick. Last week was Clive Barkers Jericho (Ok game, lots of violence and disturbing imagery, a bit short. If you have played Hostile Waters you have played this game, but with more FPS and less linear levels.) Before that was Borderlands and Armored Princess 2. Might make a game next week, I never know.

  • David W said,

    Playing Evil Genius, some tabletop Warhammer 40K, and perhaps some Medieval Total War Kingdoms.

    I just couldn’t get into Empire or Napoleon Total War, or it’d be one of them instead.

  • Andy_Panthro said,

    UFO: The Two Sides version 0.92 hopefully.

    I may also play a little fallout (1 and 3).

  • Thom said,

    M11 on MTGO, and Steve Jackson’s Sorcery on the iPhone. 🙂

  • Jay K. said,

    Well, if I have any time remaining, I will probably squeeze in some Starcraft 2, and possibly some Heavenly Sword and/or Torchlight.

    If I had my complete wish, I head down to the FLGS and play some D&D or WFRP with the locals. But I think my wife has other plans for me this evening. 🙂

  • Jon T said,

    I downloaded Alien Swarm but haven’t had a chance to try it out yet, I’ve heard great things. Also, I read about Deathspank here awhile back in your Hothead blurb, but I just heard about it again through an unexpected referral and the review was fantastic. I will probably give that a try.

  • Silemess said,

    I might try my hand at “Crusader Kings” or “King of Dragon Pass”, still working on the learning curve, despite having read the manual. Otherwise “Mount & Blade” or “Eschalon: Book II”. Really depends on the mood I wake up in tomorrow. No time today (after I finish squandering it browsing the net).

  • Yoel said,

    I might be playing Diablo II with my brother over LAN today.

    @droid, clicked your web site link on a whim and liked your “I Never Finish Anyth” essay.

  • Brian \'Psychochild\' Green said,

    I’ve been playing a lot of Dungeons & Dragons Online lately. I’ve been interested in alternate business models for a while for MMOs, beyond just the subscription, and DDO is notable for making the transition from pure subscription by adding “free to play” options. As a good gamer and game designer, I’m abusing the game to see what the limits are. I’ve had quite a bit of fun so far with it without a subscription.

    I’ll probably play a bit more this weekend. They recently had a big sale where “veteran status” (the option to start a character at level 4 instead of level 1) was on sale, so I’m playing around with creating some characters to see how some concepts work. Fun stuff for an RPG geek like me. 🙂

  • Spaceman Spiff said,

    I’ve been replaying my way through The Operative: No One Lives Forever at rate of about a chapter every 1-2 days. I’ve just finished the space station chapter, and am approaching the end.

    Of course it’s fun to be able to walk across the hall during the day job and harass the guy who did most of the engine coding on it. 😀

    I’m really appreciating NOLF for the GAME it is. I’m surprised at how little the lower density of detail compared to most of today’s FPS titles bothers me. All of the writing, voice acting, and just plain inspired moments in the game have been really enjoyable for me to replay after all these years.

  • Ottomobiehl said,

    Probably won’t be playing much this weekend. Trying to be responsible and actually work on my RPG. 😉

    I’m interested in other business models for MMOs too but I wasn’t to impressed with the free-to-play-buy-goodies-from-store option that DDO offers. Seems like I got a lot of advertising to visit the store and buy stuff which got annoying after awhile.

    I wish there was a way to that work where it didn’t seem so spammy to me.

  • Rampant Coyote said,

    I played NOLF a long time ago, loved it until I hit a game-stopping bug.

    And yeah – Deathspank. Need to put that one on my list. Too many games, too little time.

    Looks like we might get some Rock Band in before our D&D game tonight, too… but since I’m DMing, I don’t know if I’ll have time to play.

  • Burhtun said,

    Tried X3. Always wanted to give it a try because it looked so pretty. Finally bought it off of steam during the big July 4 sale and got around to playing it yesterday. Bored me out of my mind, slowly creeping towards star gates to accomplish the first mission. Why did they have to make the ship so slow?

    Then played some Battlefield Badcompany 2. It took a few rounds to get back into its coked-up pace after coming out of X3.

  • mk2net said,

    Starcraft 2. On the final mission now. Great mission design (if a little skewed to favor one unit type per mission).

  • Ed Maurina said,

    Fallout 3 over again. I finally picked up the DLCs for it.

    I should probably be playing a recent release of something, but I still enjoy VATS head shots.

  • Whiner said,

    I have *finally* gotten around to installing Dragon Age.

  • Rene Damm said,

    Just Cause 2. Damn you Steam.

  • sascha said,

    Hmmm I don’t know why but RTS is simply not my genre. StarCraft 2 sure looks nice but I will never understand what is it with real time strategy. I prefer a turn-based anytime where you can sip on your coffee/drink between turns.

    I want to give Mount&Blade a go soon (http://www.mobygames.com/game/windows/mountblade)

  • Adam said,

    Just completed another run of transcendence (free 2d privateer like game… excellent)

    Fallout 2 Restoration Pack 2.1.1 has just been released, so will most probably go with that… although 2.1.2 is scheduled to be released soon…

  • Ruber Eaglenest said,

    Hydorah, best space shooter of the year, probably best game of the year, a strange title for shump. Very difficult, only for persistent people (keep playing since release, months ago, and finally I’m in the last stage, previous to the last boss), or very harcore gamers. And it is free!

  • Aelfric said,

    Dragon Quest IX on Nintendo DS. I know, I know, laugh if you must, but wow is it a good rpg–sort of the apotheosis of the very best parts of console RPGs.

  • largemarge said,

    I love love love NOLF, it’s one of my favorite games ever. I could never get all the way through NOLF2 — it made me motion sick and there seemed to be more technical problems with the game.

    Currently I’m playing Red Dead Redemption, another great game. The randomness of the hunting mechanic is really funny.

  • Xenovore said,

    Alien Swarm (Woot…Free!) and Left 4 Dead.

  • sascha said,

    @largemarge NOLF is such an underrated gem! IMHO this game is much more fun than any Half-Life 2 or Portal could be. I’ve played through part 1 a while back again and sooner or later I will take part 2 again. I’ve played these both when they were first released, love the mid-century spy theme! There should be more of that, hell, even an RPG with a retro spy theme!

  • NickR said,

    Starcr… oh BESIDES starcraft 2… um… I suppose I still have to get through Limbo on the xbox. Assuming my PC finally gives up the ghost and dies or the internet dies. I just realised this post was before the weekend we just had but I’ve typed too much to cancel now.