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Virtual Reality Has a Date

Posted by Rampant Coyote on January 6, 2016

oculus_rift_consumerThe Oculus Rift is now available for pre-order, and will be shipping starting in March (although right now it says expect shipment in May). You can pre-order at the Oculus Rift website.

Of course, Gear VR has been out for a few weeks, and anyone who wanted a developer kit has it.

At $599 – with an XBox controller instead of their custom controller – it’s a little pricier than I anticipated. I was guessing a sub-$500 price tag.

The HTC Vive headset is supposed to arrive in April. They delayed it for what they termed a “breakthrough.” This turned out to be a camera built into the headset that allows the wearer to “see” the room if necessary and avoid colliding with objects, as the Vive is intended to be used in more of an open space. Pricing (to my knowledge) hasn’t been set yet, but rumor has it they are going for more of a “premium” higher-end experience. I don’t really have an entire room to devote to VR, so I’m not quite onboard with this one yet.

Of course, having a PC beefy enough to handle VR is another story. My PC is fairly recentĀ (not quite 18 months) and no gaming slouch, but I may have to upgrade the graphics card… which will be another expense on top of this.

It’ll be exciting to see if this technology really takes off or if it’ll just stay in a niche.

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  • The Old Farmer said,

    I will have to see where it’s at for game support in a year from now. That is a lot of $$$ to drop if there is only a few games that truly support it.