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Massive Xchyler Publishing EBook Sale

Posted by Rampant Coyote on November 27, 2015

I believe this is the first time they’ve done this, but Xchyler Publishing is discounting *everything* for this weekend for the Kindle editions… starting today (so-called “Black Friday”) through Monday (“Cyber Monday”). That includes the most recent anthology, Beyond the Wail, which includes one of my stories. I also have stories in two steampunk anthologies, Terra Mechanica and Mechanized Masterpieces 2. This is only on Amazon (sorry non-Amazon) and only on the Kindle editions.

I still consider paper editions my “preferred” editions of books … but my over-stuffed bookshelves beg to differ. I gotta admit, it’s handy going around with a sizeable library of reading material in my pocket and on my Nexus 10. I didn’t think I’d use my tablet for much outside of travel, but I do – mainly for gaming and reading. I do some ebook reading on my desktop too, but it’s extra-nice to be able to still read from my recliner. 🙂

Anyway, you can shop the entire Xchyler library here.

You can get more information on the books here.

And they’ve got a promo video here:



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