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Fallout What?

Posted by Rampant Coyote on November 11, 2015

fallout_4_boxI’m not playing Fallout 4.

I haven’t even bought it.

I’ve not bought The Witcher 3, either. For the same reasons.

Mainly: They will be my reward for shipping Frayed Knights 2.

I know me. I know I will binge-play these games for 100+ hours, and I cannot afford that time right now. Especially since I’m in the critical path with a couple other people waiting on me.

I’m still playing games, in short increments. I think that’s important. Especially retro-gaming old RPGs. I’ve dipped my toe back into the classic D&D RPGs recently released by GOG.COM. The funny thing is that I still have to be careful to avoid over-indulgence in these games, too. Sometimes they require a total party wipeout for me remember to check my watch, but those games tend to be deadly enough to make that a regular event.

So… sometime next year? 🙂

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