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Tron Legacy – New Trailer

Posted by Rampant Coyote on July 24, 2010

Awesome. Must be ComiCon time…

Tron was one of those strangely influential movies of my childhood. I was already programming and writing some games by that time, but the coolness of the idea of virtual worlds, I guess… planted a seed and inspired me to really push into game development. I wanted to BE Kevin Flynn. Not so much Kevin Flynn the User in the virtual electronic world, but Kevin Flynn the hacker, gamer, and coding wizard you see at the beginning of the movie prior to getting zapped into the electronic universe. Yeah, I knew it was goofy and didn’t make any kind of sense, but I loved it.

I hope the sequel kicks all kinds of butt.

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  • Jay K. said,

    The same for me. The idea was completely hokey, but in the same way that sitting around a table pretending to slay dragons and rescue princesses is.

    Have you read the book “Hackers” by Stephen Levy? It left the same inspiration in me that Kevin Flynn and David from Wargames did.

  • Rampant Coyote said,

    Yep! I re-read it every few years. And I have exactly the same reaction.

  • Calibrator said,

    I think these early to mid-eighties movies just hit the right kind of hacker romanticism in “computer people” that grew up in that time frame. Just look at the nerds Broderick visits in Wargames! There was not only one moment I wanted him to more closely examine what they did there.
    IMHO TRON was a more spectacular version of Wargames: A world on the brink of total annihilation, the users playing games(!), a sexy companion (though no actual sex) and of course: The computer graphics that blew everything away at the time.
    The new TRON will have it way harder today as even the smallest kids grew up with oodles of CGI and the knowledge that everything is possible on the screen. For maximum effect I will definitely watch it in 3D – to see how it compares to the glorious 70 mm version of TRON I enjoyed back then.

  • Chevluh said,

    It’s worth noting Brad Bird (The Iron Giant, The Indestructibles, Ratatouille, all very good movies) and another Pixar writer whose name I forget have worked on the script – already a good potential indicator of buttkicking.

  • Rampant Coyote said,

    Brad Bird? Holy cow. Okay. I’m in. Like…. Flynn!

  • Tesh said,

    I’m still not quite sold on the facial technology. The “not-Flynn” character is pretty well done, but there’s still something a wee bit off.

  • Chevluh said,

    Sure, but it works fine in context since it’s not supposed to be an actual person but a program.