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Coming Soon: Beyond the Wail

Posted by Rampant Coyote on September 5, 2015

I mentioned some time ago that I am in a new, upcoming anthology. This is it. Next month Xchyler Publishing releases a new anthology of paranormal tales called “Beyond the Wail.” Here’s a trailer video:



It includes twelve tales of “love, loss, and lamentation.” A lot of them deal with the loss of a loved one. Mine? The loss of an expensive laptop computer, which is almost the same thing. Well, okay, not quite. (And no, that’s not all it’s about either, but that’s my joke…)

Actually, it works best if Rod Serling does the introduction to my story. Do you have Serling’s voice in your head? Good. Here goes:

BEYOND-THE-WAIL-front-web“Our hero for the evening is one Mike Bradshaw, an entrepreneurial security consultant whose calling is to solve mysteries and prevent problems. But tonight, he has a problem encased within an impossible mystery: a machine has been stolen from within a locked room, practically under his very nose. There are no witnesses, no suspects, and no leads… only an empty room, a skilled partner, and some high-tech tools of his trade. What he will soon discover is that his stolen properly lay hidden not within some terrestrial vault, but that both it and the thief can only be found in the Twili…. er, I mean, Beyond the Wail.”

Sound cool? I hope so. You’ll be able to read it and eleven other stories by my fellow authors (including my wife, who weaves a wonderful tail of a mysterious fiddle that can play music that the dead can hear…) in just a few weeks.


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