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Another view of Salt Lake Gaming Con

Posted by Rampant Coyote on August 11, 2015

SLGC2015_UGGA_650While I’m still recovering from basking in the fading glow of Salt Lake Gaming Con 2015, I thought I’d share a link from Josh Sutphin of Kickbomb Entertainment and co-founder of the Utah Games Guild. He had a somewhat bigger view of the whole event than I did.

Utah Games Guild: Salt Lake Gaming Con 2015 Recap

An excerpt:

Remember how I said our Utah Games Guild info booth was a smashing success? Friday was the day that became the most apparent. We barely had time to man our own booths for most of the day as we were constantly being pulled over to talk to all kinds of interesting potential business partners, investors, and clients. We really didn’t expect to do “business” at a gaming convention, but Friday sure felt an awful lot like GDC in that regard.

In reading another review from an attendees perspective, I think I understand why Thursday was a steady stream of visitors and Friday was more varied. It sounds like there weren’t many events scheduled for Thursday. So people spent a lot of time exploring the vendor booths. This was GREAT for vendors and exhibitors (if I wasn’t selling anything, do I count as a vendor?). On Friday, I think the surges came in-between major events. Saturday had the bulk of the events but also the bulk of the people, so it was just kinda crazy all day.

Here are some videos about the con from the local news. The one about the Utah Games Guild is in segment three. There’s a little bit of Frayed Knights in that segment. The funny part is… both Nick and I were totally oblivious that we were being recorded. I was showing him how a cheat code worked.

KSL – Salt Lake Gaming Con (See segment 3)


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  • Ayrik said,

    Haha, that’s funny you didn’t know. I knew and didn’t want to just stand around so I started playing my game. Had I known they would get all up in my face as I was playing I probably would have hid under the table.