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Posted by Rampant Coyote on June 15, 2015

This is the week of E3… the video game industry’s biggest show. There are going to be a lot of games and game-related things announced this week. I’ve gotta admit, as jaded and cold-hearted as I may be about the mainstream biz, I’m a little excited. Bethesda opened up with a preview of Fallout 4 that… okay. Yes. I’m feeling a little bit bonkers about it. And the new Doom could be cool, too, maybe.

There’s also the news that the XBox One will be made backwards-compatible with “a selection” of XBox 360 games. Wish I could get excited about that one, but… nah. I’ve got my 360. Maybe I’ll get something newer. Someday.

Meanwhile, the sales at Steam and GOG.COM rage on. My wallet has taken some hits, I admit.

But this isn’t a news site. So while I’ll be reserving some space here this week for some new stuff, I’m also going to be posting some archive content for the next couple of weeks. These are articles from the old blog before I nuked the site from orbit for security reasons (it was the only way to be sure), generally ones that people have been requesting access to, or ones that I know have references to ’em.

(Let me know if there are any favorites that have been lost… I’ll try and dig ’em up.)

Anyway, I hope this week is a nice mix of new and old!

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  • T2.0 said,

    Thanks !
    I look forward to read the old article I mentioned in my email 🙂