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Steamfest Presentation: Steampunk Video Games

Posted by Rampant Coyote on May 21, 2015

WNTGDeeper1Nick Lives of Deli Interactive and I will be giving a presentation at Salt City Steamfest in July on steampunk video games. And… well, steampunk-adjacent (dieselpunk, etc.) We’ll be showing a few trailers, will have some video clips from game developers, and will be discussing mostly what’s out there and how they embrace the steampunk tropes, and a little tiny bit on how to get started making video games. And making sure folks leave with a nice, fat list of games they can check out if they want to get their steampunk on for the rest of the year… 🙂

So if you are going to be near Salt Lake City on the weekend of July 17th and wanna come hang out, contribute your $0.02, chat with Nick and myself, or whatever, come see us!

If you are a game developer working on a steampunk video game (or, even better, a game that will have been released by mid-July), PLEASE contact me and let me know so I can include it in the presentation. We’re trying to include as many as we can, and want to make sure people will leave the panel with a nice potential grocery list of steampunk games they can enjoy. Also, if you are a steampunk game dev who would be willing to do a really super-brief video talking about your game and steampunk (like a couple of sound-bite sized bits), also let us know.

I’ll also be participating in the Xchyler Booth and probably a panel or two on writing, a subject on which I know considerably less about than video games, but I’m having fun learning, and will be with a bunch of more knowledgeable people than myself.

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  • Rachel said,

    My sister wrote a steampunk LARP, but that’s not quite the same as a videogame (http://qirien.icecavern.net/BoxedSet/index.html). I’m hoping you’ll share your list of steampunk games after the presentation!

  • Rampant Coyote said,

    Our plan is to print a hand-out with all the games we mention (and a lot that we didn’t). It won’t be exhaustive, as I know we’ll have missed a ton… simply by virtue of how we keep finding more games that would fit, and I’m definitely more PC-centric and paying a little less attention to consoles and a lot less to mobile. Even so, we’re having trouble figuring out how we’re going to fit them all on a page without resorting to a 3-point font.