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Mardek RPG Chapter 3 Released

Posted by Rampant Coyote on July 9, 2010

Mardek Chapter 3, a Flash-based RPG, is now out. Its predecessors have also received an update.

Mardek Chapter 1

Mardek Chapter 2

Mardek Chapter 3

I haven’t played these games before. Yes, me, the all-knowing guru of all things indie RPG and stuff (HAH!), missed this one. But after hearing about the release of Chapter 3, I went back and played through some of the first chapter. It won me over after I was done “beatening” the dragon.

It’s cute, funny, and is both homage and parody of classic jRPGs of the 16-bit console era. But while it pokes fun at conventions and may have NPCs named things like, “Sidequest Priest,” (I especially enjoyed the description of the healing potion), it’s not dependent upon these little jokes and asides to be fun – a very important thing! Each chapter can take over ten hours (or so I have read), so these aren’t quite the “quick fix” Flash games.

And they are free Flash-based games, so … you know, FREE. Be sure and play and visit sponsors and stuff to help support the developer, Pseudolonewolf.

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  • Koen Witters said,

    Just been playing this game on Kongregate, and it’s indeed fun to play. I wonder how much time the developers spent on creating this.

  • Bad Sector said,

    There is a problem with such games…

    On one hand, they aren’t your typical Flash games which you can pick up and play. You have to invest time on them. But unfortunately, they don’t play in Flash as well as they would play if they were native desktop (fullscreenable and more configurable) games.

    On the other hand, if the developers made them fullscreenable and configurable desktop games, they wouldn’t be able to monetize from them (from sponsorship and ads as i’ve seen) because as they are right now, i doubt they would sell enough copies to have the same income as they do now. Sure, some would buy them, but not enough.

    So actually at this point these games are profitable, but from a player’s POV they aren’t very playable for long time periods.

  • tfernando said,

    Marduk’s developer’s blog is down for me atm (fighunter.com), but iirc he made exactly that determination Bad Sector- He would make more from sponsorship than he would converting the game to a downloadable trial/pay for full version. And doing that conversion well is non-trivial.

    I’m glad to see flash getting brought under the umbrella of indie games coverage. 🙂 🙂 !! 🙂 ^-^ Even if flash has some ways to go.

    @Koen Witters – again, iirc, M3 was in development for about 2 years, (during which the developer also worked on at least two other games). If it comes back up, his blog is interesting.