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SnarfQuest Tales on Greenlight

Posted by Rampant Coyote on May 6, 2015

In spite of the voice acting… I’m so there.┬áIt’s frickin’ –==SnarfQuest==– !

SnarfQuest Tales on Steam Greenlight


Okay, now I get that some of you MAY be wondering, “What the heck is SnarfQuest?” You may even wonder, “Who is Larry Elmore?” For this, I shall have to leave you with your own Google-Fu skills. But for us old-school tabletop D&D fans, Snarf is the main character from an amusing, genre-bending comic strip from the pages of Dragon Magazine.

The game isn’t done, but a demo is available at their website if you are willing to sign up for their mailing list. Yes, they are planning on a crowdfunding campaign in a couple of months. No, I am not sure who they are (beyond association with Larry Elmore). But I’m interested, and it looks like they’ve made some decent progress.

That is all.

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  • Viridian said,

    Holy crap, not only does someone else know about Snarfquest (I once picked up a collection of the comics at the dollar store) but they’re actually making a game about it? Cool!

  • Rampant Coyote said,

    Not only that, but my “Complete Snarfquest” book from Larry Elmore’s last kickstarter just arrived last night. Nice coincidence!