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And a content-free post!

Posted by Rampant Coyote on April 15, 2015

I was starting a blog post last night when I got the call (around midnight), and had to rush into work. Until about 4:30 AM. Went home, slept, showered, and came back into work. So… although I have about five half-written blog posts right now, none are ready to go up.

So today we’ll just have a content-free day.  I guess I have to devote some time once again to getting “ahead” in my posts so that this sort of thing can happen without messing stuff up too much. In the meantime, catch ya on the flip side.

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  • Modran said,

    That’s… Rather nice, in a zen kind of way :p

  • Xenovore said,

    Hope you’ve had your caffeine IV drip ready to go.

  • Xenovore said,

    Oh, here’s some content for ya: Descent getting rebooted.

  • Maklak said,

    Meh, I’d rather read 1-3 good posts per week than a post every day.

  • Rampant Coyote said,

    I may be scaling the blog down a little bit in order to Get More Done. Maybe something more along the lines of a couple of bigger posts twice a week, and then some smaller, link-with-a-couple-comments type posts the other weekdays.