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Mythica 2 – Kickstarter Kicking Off

Posted by Rampant Coyote on March 31, 2015

mythicaYou know how they are trying to make a big deal about how crowdfunding like Kickstarter shouldn’t be treated as a pre-order? While that’s always good advice, here’s one that’s pretty much the closest thing you are gonna get.

I wrote a few weeks ago about Mythica: A Quest for Heroes. The bottom line is that it is a surprisingly awesome fantasy movie for such a low-budget flick. If you’ve ever played an RPG, especially tabletop D&D, you’ll want to see the movie. Maybe more than once.

But it was only the first of a planned trilogy (and now I hear that based on the success of the first movie, they are already considering a couple of follow-up films with the same cast). In fact, they were so confident they pulled a “Lord of the Rings” and filmed all three movies at the same time. Now they are working out post-production stuff: high-quality CGI sequences, and all the fun stuff like sound, color balancing, etc. And for that… well, the spice must flow.

While I suspect they do not strictly need it (this film is getting made and finished no matter what), they are offering the chance for backers to become involved once again. I couldn’t wait to sign up, but I’m a geek that way. When I talked to Jason in January, he was really going on about how awesome the second movie will be. It sounded like they got the editing all done, it sounded like, and he’d just recently seen the complete edit in all it’s unfinished glory, and was really, REALLY excited).

The second movie looks to be quite a bit darker than the first one, which is not a bad thing. They hinted (well, more than hinted) that Marek’s special powers were going to be an issue in the first film, but at least within her group she only did it to save lives. It was freaky but in a good cause, and nobody made a big deal out of it. But you know where this is heading. Hopefully it still maintains the good ol’ D&D adventure style appeal of the first, but shows that there’s much more to it (as we gamers know) than the formula.

Anyway – link to Kickstarter!!! Here!

Mythica 2: The Darkspore starring Kevin Sorbo Kickstarter Campaign

The only exception I’ll take here is about the Kevin Sorbo “starring” in the show. While he’s a headliner, he’s not the star if the first movie is any indication. Maybe he’s got a bigger role in this one (we can hope!), but Melanie Stone did a pretty respectable job as the star of the original. Maybe one day her name will be enough for fundraising purposes, but for now, I guess that’s why they have Sorbo.

In the meantime, you can watch a really cool trailer sandwiched between segments of Kynan Griffin wearing a chain-mail coif.

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