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Funding: A Successor to the Gold Box D&D Games?

Posted by Rampant Coyote on March 20, 2015

My usual disclaimer about Kickstarter applies here – I’m only drawing attention to it, so don’t consider this a recommendation. There are never any guarantees on these.

BUT… some of the old developers from SSI – makers of the “Gold Box” Advanced Dungeons & Dragons games back in the day… have put together a new company called TSI (Tactical Simulations Interactive) for the express purpose of making a new-generation RPG in the style of the old Gold Box games. Could this be a worthy successor to the legendary series that included Pool of Radiance, Curse of the Azure Bonds, etc.?


This ought to be enough to inspire any old-school CRPG fan to at least perk up and take notice. So… I direct your attention to the campaign:

Kickstarter: Seven Dragon Saga by Tactical Simulations Interactive

I was a little bit blindsided by this one myself, so I guess maybe their marketing could have used some work. Or maybe I’m just buried too deep in my own stuff to crawl out from under my rock and pay attention. But they have a pedigree. And seriously, I would love a new game in that old style, if only it was clearer to me (beyond turn-based tactical combat) how they’d recapture that flavor.

Ah, well. I opened my wallet to give ’em a vote of confidence. Here’s hoping this thing becomes a thing.

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  • Dtungsten said,

    they talked me into it. I’m in.

  • Andy_Panthro said,

    I feel like they need someone doing some serious promotion. I’m sure there’s enough of an audience out there for a Gold Box-style game, but I’ve not really heard many people talking about it. Thankfully their target seems achievable.

  • marcomon said,

    I think 25$ as minimum pledge for a copy of the game is too much. I wrote them about it and they kindly answered that the game is full of content: it may be but this is crowfunding not preorder. Nobody can assure me that the content is interesting as much as “full”!
    Wasteland 2 with its botched RPG mechanics taught me this hard lesson 🙁