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Appearance: Salt Lake City Comic Con Fan Xperience

Posted by Rampant Coyote on January 28, 2015

TerraMechanicaCoverI’m going to be at the Salt Lake City Comic Con “FanX” convention this weekend at the Xchyler Publishing booth. At least part of the time. Sadly, I’m fighting off a cold right now, but I hope to be in good shape at least by Friday. Not sure about Thursday yet.

There won’t be any demos of Frayed Knights 2 this time, I’m afraid. That sucker has its guts still on the floor of the garage, getting souped up for something a bit more… complete. Also, sadly, the new anthology – Mechanized Masterpieces 2: An American Anthology – doesn’t release for another month. Bummer. But I’ll be there with some copies of Terra Mechanica.

If you’ll be there, come say hi. We’ll be in booth Purple 8.

There’ll be other people to see there, too, or so I’ve heard. Folks like Doctor Who’s Matt Smith, Karen Gillen, and Billie Piper. Christopher Lloyd. Brandon Routh. Nichelle Nichols. Carrie Fisher. People you might have heard of. 🙂





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