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The Dog Ate My Homework

Posted by Rampant Coyote on November 19, 2014

I had a gigantic post full of links and really timely, relevant material that was something of a stretch for me (and had me dealing with a very difficult topic).

Unfortunately, when WordPress logged me off in the second paragraph and re-logged me in, it didn’t *actually* re-log me on. It insisted that everything was normal and that my draft was being saved properly. It wasn’t until I ran into problems attempting to publish it that I discovered that nothing after that second paragraph had been saved. Since I’d spent about 2 or 3 hours on this post (it was a doozie!), I…

Well, I didn’t decide to give up posting altogether. Although that particular post may never, ever see the light of day. It was too painful to write the first time. (Yeah, I’m telling a fish story here, but honestly – it was a rough one to write).

It’s done that to me a couple of times in the past, and I’d gotten into the paranoid habit of copying-and-pasting everything offline if I even smelled anything out of the ordinary. It hadn’t happened in a long time, so I’d gotten out of that habit. My bad.

Anyway, my apologies for the lack of content today.

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  • Silemess said,

    We’ve all fallen prey to the Digital Omnivorous God at some point, willing sacrifices or no. Good luck on the rest of your day!

  • Felix said,

    And that’s why I always compose offline and save all my posts locally first, unless it’s a throwaway Tumblr soundbite.

    Seriously though, sorry to hear that. Doing the same work twice just sucks. Take your time, we’re not going anywhere.

  • ogg said,

    Sorry to hear, no worries.

  • Cuthalion said,

    That sucks. I also paranoidly copy web text and have a ctrl+s reflex, but it’s always the one time you didn’t… 🙁