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KHAN! I mean, CON! Come play Frayed Knights 2: The Khan of Wrath at SL Comic Con

Posted by Rampant Coyote on September 2, 2014


I seem to be making up for my lack of convention-going as a kid later in life. This sprint / summer, we’ve been to the Salt Lake Comic Con “Fan Xperience” convention, Steamfest, the Fantasy & Renaissance Festival. We went down to Cedar City to hit a play during the annual Shakespearean Festival. Last weekend I hit two evening shows at the Timpanogos Storytelling Festival. This weekend I’m a vendor at the Salt Lake Comic Con.  We deliberately deferred the whole Westercon / FantasyCon thing in July. Even so, it’s been an action-packed six months.

It’s been a little weird for me going from being just an attendee to becoming something of a participant.  With Steamfest, I was a panelist and sat at my publisher’s booth (and actually got to sign books!). The “big one” for me is definitely Salt Lake Comic Con, which begins on Thursday. I’ll confess, I’ve been kinda dreading it. Although, as of last night, I think Frayed Knights 2:  The Khan of Wrath is finally in something of a demo-able shape, and so I’m feeling less dread (and more of just being plain ol’ tired). Ten hours a day of standing and showing people a functional game? Sure, no problem. As long as the game keeps working…

DirkFrogIt’s been some crazy hours, some changes in direction, and things are not exactly as I’d envisioned them a couple of months ago. But, while far from perfect, we’ve managed to put together a complete, self-contained adventure that people can play within around five minutes. I’m still fixing bugs, editing text, and cleaning up bits (and I’ll probably be doing that even past the last minute, but always keeping what we have as a fallback), but I at least won’t feel embarrassed showing the game this weekend. We made some incredible progress, and a whole bunch of pieces of the game that have been put together one at a time are finally coming together. I’m excited for people to try it out, see what we’re doing, and offer feedback.

And I’ll knock on wood right now lest I attract Murphy’s attention.

Anyway, if you happen  to be at Salt Lake Comic Con this weekend, please come visit the Utah Game Guild Arcade. Frayed Knights 2 will be there, as well as many other great indie games from talented folks all over the state.  Some of of the games I’ve mentioned in the Utah Indie Night posts will be on display, as well as many others. Come in, kick back, and play some games!


And since I know folks will ask: Yes, eventually I’d like to put this demo up on the web for the general public to check it out. I have to re-enable KB & Mouse control, though. Right now, for the purpose of the demo, it can only be played with an XBox controller. And as the community here is a LOT different from the players at Comic Con, so I’ll probably want to make some customizations. Or – rather, remove some customizations I made for the convention. I’d like to re-enable the inventory system, which will take a lot of work, and there was neither the time nor desire to do that for Comic Con. And before I do ANYTHING, I think I’ll want to get some serious sleep. Right now, sleep sounds very, very nice…

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  • Peter Anderson said,

    Your night sounds like mine, I’ve been getting things together for the convention as well.
    I was wondering, is there going to be a Frayed Knights 2 demo somewhere online soon?

  • Rampant Coyote said,

    Define “soon” but yeah – the demo I was talking about in the last paragraph would be a web-playable demo. It won’t work *yet* because I found out I had to hack some stuff to get things to work right in the release build, and it will only be worse in a web-playable. I have to clean that up, fix up the controls, and maybe add the other features I *wanted* to have.

  • Peter Anderson said,

    I should read the article all the way through, huh? ha
    Well at least I get to try it tomorrow at the convention!