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Game Dev Quote of the Week: Little Pieces of Deviation Edition

Posted by Rampant Coyote on August 8, 2014

SuperMeatBoyIntro“Breaking your game down into small pieces forces you to analyze and evaluate your ideas on a deeper level. This is essential because you always want to be open to changes, you never want to set yourself into a path that you feel you can in no way deviate from. Deviation from the plan can yield the most interesting parts of a game. It’s a more organic way of developing because you are thinking within the game system and are applying new ideas to ideas that have already formed.”

— Team Meat’s Tommy Refenes, “How do I get started programming games???”


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  • Cuthalion said,

    I always find that tasks, assignments, projects are easier and less stressful when I work on it one bit at a time. Outlines can make a challenging essay pitifully easy*. Having no real comprehension of how many pieces will need to be made to get my game working, I pick a piece and do it until I’m satisfied that it has no bugs.** Then I do another one. It’s not organized, but it’s progress!

    *but for an easy essay, honestly I’d just get tired of procrastinating, sit down, write it in one go, and proofread it in the morning before emailing it in — but I digress.

    **unless I just particularly want to get on to something else or don’t want to deal with it right now, in which case I’d better note it before I leave, or I’ll hate myself later.