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GOG.COM Summer Sale Begins

Posted by Rampant Coyote on June 13, 2014

Like I don’t already have more games than I have time to play?

GOG.COM is having a game sale that includes steep discounts, daily bundles, and “flash sales” that are changing every hour.

I think they are fundamentally evil.

GOG.COM Summer Sale




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  • Xian said,

    Picked up The Summoner. It was a release title for the PS2. I had never played the PC version.

    Also, Gamers Gate is having a summer sale
    I have never bought from them so can’t say anything about them from experience. I do see Van Helsing Complete for pretty cheap, that was a fun title.

    I hope Steam has their sale earlier this year. The last couple years it has been mid-July, so the kids barely had time to play their new games before they had to go back to school.

  • Albert1 said,

    @Xian: Summoner is sooo underrated! Sure, it has its flaws…

  • Anon said,

    I tried to get warm with “Summoner 2” (on the Gamecube) but it wasn’t really fun. Very linear and not much too explorer outside quest elements. I certainly won’t get the first one but will rather try out “Inquisitor” instead.

  • McTeddy said,

    I did love the original summoner. Ugly and clunky, but few games win me over like that.

    And damn this sale! I’ve bought a dozen games and it’s not over yet.