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Frayed Knights: The Skull of S’makh-Daon Escapes Greenlight Limbo!

Posted by Rampant Coyote on June 12, 2014


At this point, it’s not such a major milestone in the grand scheme of things, and I’m not sure whether to cheer or just breathe a sigh of relief. It’s really more of the beginning of the process, but I feel it should not go unremarked. Frayed Knights: The Skull of S’makh-Daon is greenlit for Steam.

I gotta admit, there were times where I had almost given up hope. Frayed Knights: The Skull of S’makh-Daon has turned into one of those “cult favorites,” I guess. A game that won some awards and some critical praise from the places that mattered, but has largely been off the radar of about everyone else. I still hear from people who discover it for the first time, who say things like, “Wow! Why isn’t this game on Steam already?”

There are a lot of reasons, and not all were factors outside of my control (although perhaps some were a little out of my depth).

Better late than never, I guess.

It’s funny – after spending pretty much my whole career involved in the video game business in one capacity or another, there’s still a ton I don’t know. I learn every day how much I don’t really know. It can be brutal on one’s self-esteem at times.

What I do know is I love being the guy who makes these little games. And I know that I’ve got people in the community who give me tons of support in all kinds of ways that I couldn’t have imagined. Even the “Frayed Knights” logo was done by a member of the community, Boro Milanovik, who took pity on my graphic design skills. You guys are super awesome, incredibly supportive, and really have your act together – better than I do. You guys rock.

I just wanted to take this time to thank all of you for offering your help, support, cheering, and votes. My voice doesn’t carry very far on its own – you guys added your own, and it has made a difference on every milestone we’ve achieved, including this one.

I hope this will lead to Frayed Knights finding a wider audience. These days Steam may no longer the “golden ticket” it once was, but it is still a valuable opportunity. I really hope the sequel will benefit, also. Now comes some additional work to get this game ready for Steam, in addition to getting the sequel ready for the big show in September.  So I guess I need to finish writing this blog post and get back to work.

Ya’ll have fun!

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  • Albert1 said,

    Noooooowwwww… did you submit Frayed Knights to GOG? You know, it’s been ages since I last bought anything on Steam…

  • Anon said,

    Congrats, too!
    But I still don’t like DRM-software like Steam…
    …which is not a problem as I already got your game and added it to my proud backlog of games!

  • Dave Toulouse said,


    It may not be anymore what “some” consider a “golden ticket” but to me it’d still be a way better ticket than the one I currently have (aka none sadly …) so still good 🙂

  • Xian said,

    Congratulations! I hope this gets you a wider exposure. I know a lot of people that are the flip side of the coin tossed by Albert1 and Anon – they have decided that the Steam DRM is acceptable to them and want all of their games on a single platform.

    Since Greenlight started, I have looked at every one of the announcements hoping to see FK on there, so I am glad you finally made it. Once it does get in the catalog, I will be leaving a positive review, and hope some of the others that have already played it do the same.

  • Darius said,

    Congratulations! That is fantastic, I look forward to hearing about how it turns out for you.

  • Unorus Janco said,

    Yet another congratulation post here. Hope the game gets the attention it deserves now.

  • Modran said,

    Hehe, yay for you. Hope it helps you ! T’was long overdue.

  • ogg said,

    Congratulations, bought this from your site last week and like it very much.

  • ShadowTiger said,

    Awesome. How long did it take to get greenlit?

  • Rampant Coyote said,

    @ShadowTiger – the whole time.

  • Andre said,

    Finally… congratulations.

  • Keldien said,

    Congratulations, I’ll definitely be picking it up again when it’s available on Steam.

    That said, do you have any plans for Steam Achievements, Trading Cards or the like?

  • Rampant Coyote said,

    If not, I could have my game on Steam very soon. But now I’m taking a look into it, because… well, for no other reason than it would be *fun*.

  • Daniel King said,

    Awesome news, congrats! 😀

  • meep said,

    About time. Congrats.

  • Cuthalion said,