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Game Dev Quote of the Week – Getting it Done

Posted by Rampant Coyote on April 10, 2014

Designer / Developer Chris DeLeon , speaking on the matters of … uh, how to finish your game:

“It’s common now to see developers finish game jam games more ready for public release than their long-term projects. The two main factors that seem to contribute are having a smaller scope and an unmoving deadline. The thing to keep in mind is that larger projects still need a controlled, reasonable scope and an unmoving, if initially further off, deadline. The projects that have no scope control and no target deadline just expand indefinitely, opening up more issues than the developer(s) could ever realistically expect to find time to close out nicely.”

The article is pretty straightforward overall, and speaks to very similar advice to last week’s… control scope, be serious about deadlines, and focus on what it would take to get the product to market successfully as it currently stands.


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