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Now on Kickstarter: Saga Heroes

Posted by Rampant Coyote on February 27, 2014

SagaHeroes_ss2King.com has dropped their trademark claim on the word “Candy,” at least in the U.S.  No word yet on the word, “Saga.” This could be pretty interesting for Eric Wiggins of Wasatch Games, as the Kickstarter he is launching today is for a game in a series of titles – both game and movie – that I’m pretty sure predates King.com’s existence.

Now, you know I’m often reluctant to do much with Kickstarters, but I do make exceptions for friends and people that I am really impressed with. In this case, I’ve worked directly across from Eric back when we were both programmers on the original Saga MMO. He later took over administration and development of the game, and has basically had one foot in that world for about the last seven years.

His game, Saga Heroes, is an action-RPG intended for the Ouya, Windows, Mac, Linux, and mobile platforms. He’s got his eye on some other consoles as well (and has console game dev experience, so it’s not a just talk…) I played an early build of it back in January at the Utah Indie Night, and it showed plenty of potential. The biggest problem was, naturally, the technical limitations of the Ouya (and mobile), but the desktop platforms will be enhanced.

I’ll let the KS page do the talkin’ from here.

Saga Heroes on Kickstarter

And, hey, a gameplay video!



And just because I don’t know where I’d link it again, here’s the trailer to the movie that takes place in the same world.  I gotta tell ya, as low-budget fantasy movies go, this is so much better than what we had to put up with in the 1980s…

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  • Jay K. said,

    Wow, quite impressive for a Kickstarter demo. I’m definitely on board for it.

    Do you know what tech he was using for all the cross platform stuff? Unity?

  • Rampant Coyote said,

    Yep, he’s doing it all in Unity. Some of it is off-the-shelf assets, and some of it comes from the other titles in the property (like from the movie soundtrack) that he has licensed.