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Studio or Studios?

Posted by Rampant Coyote on May 30, 2010

Ever notice how many game studios – with just one “studio” – have a company name that says “Studios?” Delusions of grandeur, or planning for the future?

And then you have Iron Tower Studio – singular – which now legitimately includes multiple “studios” under their brand.

Just a random observation that amuses me…

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  • Will said,

    I’ve always thought that you titled a company with ‘Studios’ when you had different parts of the company doing different things. For a big film publisher, you might have many smaller studios making films for you to release, for game designers, I can only imagine that having different people doing different things, where each person has a unique job, would classify as having studios beneath the company banner.

  • Brian 'Psychochild' Green said,

    Guilty as charged with my old company, “Near Death Studios”. In our case, I think it was planning for the future. We had always hoped to expand beyond M59, but it was never in the cards for us.

  • Bad Sector said,

    I always thought “studio” to be one of those rooms where one or two art people do their work. So “studios” to show that the company is made up of such studios, so they’re artistic or whatever.

  • Epidemi said,

    When I registered my company, I was not allowed to use “Studios” in the name according to the Dutch chambre of commerce, since that implies having multiple locations. So I don’t think the name will always imply what the founders had in mind 🙂