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Posted by Rampant Coyote on July 16, 2013

Leigh Alexander has posted a set of five PR tips indies really need.

On the flip side, here are five¬† indie PR tips you really SHOULDN’T read. Or rather, five things you should not do, yet many indies do it anyway. Sadly, I’ve seen these very things thrown around certain forums as actual advice…

And here’s a video of Adam Ames of True PC Gaming speaking at the Utah Indie Games Meet-Up about four months ago talking about indie PR and Marketing. (I was sitting just to the left of the camera in this video).¬† I thought he did a fantastic job, especially when he was limited to only a half-hour. I would have preferred him to go a whole hour, but we recently had to start getting strict with limiting the formal presentation times. Most of his talk was about having confidence as indies to approach the press.

Sadly, I’ve made a lot of PR mistakes in the past. I expect I’ll make many more in the future. But hey, live and learn.


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  • Vijay Varadan said,

    Hey Jay – Quick note that the link to True PC Gaming is routed via youtube, so folks get an odd question about whether they want to be redirected to the True PC Gaming site. Not sure if you wanted it to be a direct link to the True PC Gaming site or if you wanted to point folks to the youtube page for the video featured further below. –Cheers.

  • Rampant Coyote said,

    Fixed. Thanks, Vijay!

  • Albert1 said,

    Well, don’t imitate the (unbelievably) tiny guys too! Really, making a living with (graphically) ugly game with no merits except for some (quite) innovative mechanics is (almost) as hard as trying to compete with the big boys.