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Downtime and Time in France

Posted by Rampant Coyote on May 14, 2013

Hey folks,

Due to some problems with my hosting provider and a failure on my part to schedule today’s post in advance, today’s post will post tomorrow. I guess it kinda balances out with a bonus post on Sunday. I apologize for the downtime today, but apparently my provider was under external attack. Ugly. I’ll make sure it’s set to auto-post without me tomorrow.

I will be leaving the country again this weekend, and will be in France all next week. If you have any guest posts you can throw together by Saturday, please send them my way. Things will otherwise be queued up in advance as much as possible, simply ‘cuz I don’t know what kind of Internet access I’ll have on the road. New hotel and all that.

Want a topic? How about this: Classic (or indie) RPGs You’ve Probably Never Heard Of! (Or Played)

Theoretically the subject would be about obscure RPGs you’ve played that you’d like to share with others. Or I guess it could be games you wish you could play that never were. Or something. Make it up. Or write on something else related to other topics here at Tales. Send me three paragraphs or so. 🙂  I’ll share a link back to your site or something. And give you a chance to vent to millions thousands hundreds dozens an elite audience.

In other news – the Show Me The Games sale continues through Saturday. There have been more late additions – I believe the count is up to 35 now. I think the awesome Defender’s Quest is new today.

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