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The Rampant Games Sale & Give-Away Continues! Day 2!

Posted by Rampant Coyote on April 3, 2013

Wow! First off, I want to thank everybody who sent me birthday well-wishes yesterday through all kinds of different methods. You guys rock. I appreciate it. For the record – in spite of it being a workday at Ye Olde Day Job (I need to sell a LOT more games to leave that one behind), it was a very enjoyable day. I did not get quite as much done on Frayed Knights 2 as I’d hoped, as I’d apparently had a bit too much fun on my birthday and was having trouble keeping my eyes open while writing yet more UI logic (feels like that’s half of the game, some days…) But it was all good.

Another discovery I made yesterday, from some out-of-band comments, is that apparently almost everybody here already owns Torchlight. I may have to work harder to find a good home for a couple more copies I intend to give away over the next two weeks!

The sale on Frayed Knights: The Skull of S’makh-Daon continues… you can pick it up for half price either directly from my website, or if you prefer, via Desura. Both are 50% off. No coupon codes or anything needed this time… the discount is automatically applied.

fkfarmerdisguise512By the way – the correct answer to yesterday’s trivia question: Farmer Brown’s home was infested by the Rats of Nom.

The funny thing about the Rats of Nom is that they were originally going to appear (prominently) in the second game, but I wanted to “set them up” in the first game. In particular, establishing their sentience, their goal to devour the world, and the fact that they are near-sighted and not particularly skilled at disguise.  I mean, they thought their farmer disguise was impenetrable! This quest evolved from a discussion between Kevin and me one day, throwing around ideas that got goofier as we went. But I do love the premise – on the one hand, on the surface, the rats seem a little goofy and incompetent. But you soon find out that they are also very, very dangerous.

Today’s trivia contest is for a copy of the sci-fi adventure / RPG “Dark Scavenger“. I will be distributing it via Gamer’s Gate, so you have to be able to receive games via that service. (If it has a client, I never use it…). Dark Scavenger is a quirky, darkly humorous game with turn-based combat and point-and-click style adventure gamey-ness. As a powerful space traveler, you find yourself stranded on a mysterious planet in the company of three eccentric, yet resourceful aliens. As you desperately seek a way to repair your ship, a massive conflict unfolds around you involving warring factions and a sinister force that threatens to destroy them all.

To win this game, you’ll need answer the following trivia question – also taken from Frayed Knights: The Skull of S’makh-Daon. This one should be able to be answered even by those who have only played the demo. And yes, like the Rats of Nom question, this has something to do with the sequel. Here it goes:

Arianna has an old war-buddy who is staying at the inn at Ardin as well, who is seeking (among other things) a cure for a fellow-adventurer’s condition. This person later offers to assist in locating the titular artifact, but… well, that would be a spoiler. Anyway, the question is: what is this fellow adventurer’s name (first and last)?

Email your answer to feedback@rampantgames.com. If there are multiple correct answers, I’ll pick the winner at random.

In the meantime, have fun!

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