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Telepath Tactics off to a Fresh (Kick) Start

Posted by Rampant Coyote on March 15, 2013

Craig Stern of Sinister Design has re-launched the Kickstarter campaign for his upcoming fantasy RPG, Telepath Tactics. As you may recall, I interviewed him during the last campaign. The new and improved campaign has a more modest goal (hopefully he’ll actually blow past his original goal), TONS of funding reward levels, and is two-thirds of the way there in only the first 24 hours. The funding will mainly pay for content.

Anyway, here’s Craig’s Kickstarter page and a video, pitch, and details:

Telepath Tactics: A Strategy RPG Kickstarter

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  • Cuthalion said,

    Awesome! Looks like it’s going to make it this time. Glad he’s able to try again (and hope the Kickstarter people don’t have a problem with that). I’m tempted to contribute myself, but I really should be careful with my funds right now, especially since I don’t have time to even start some of the games I already have. >_> /excuses

    …maybe I could justify getting one of the immediate access copies as “research” for my own game…