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Posted by Rampant Coyote on October 23, 2012

Some stories of game devopment, from AAA to indie, some good, some horrible, all informative:
As terrible as I know the games biz often can be, I still really, really want this to be a fictional story:

Have a Great Time!

– the untold story. Except I guess it’s told now. And why a lame game from Ion Storm ultimately proved to be one of the most influential games of all time…

Tough Times on the Road to Starcraft

Starcraft: How Orcs in Space Went Down in Flames
We have been talking about what happens when the higher-profile Kickstarter-funded projects fail. I don’t mean fail to achieve funding – I mean fail after they’ve been funded. Well, it’s nowhere close to the million-dollar club (or six-figure club), but we’ve now had at least one with a high enough profile to rate an article in Forbes about its demise….

Fully Funded Kickstarter Game Goes Belly Up – ‘Haunts: The Manse Macabre’ Is Out Of Money As Programmers Call It Quits
Someone with plenty of experience in games media still has some surprises in store when releasing his first indie game:

Toiling in Obscurity: Post-Mortem of an Indie PC Game Launch
Another tale of inspirational woe from an indie:

Congratulations! Your First Indie Game is a Flop.
Some hard-earned lessons from indies in the trenches – with an emphasis on the lessons learned, less on the experiences that taught them…

How Long Should I Work On My Game?

Indie GameDevs: You’re (Probably) Doing It Wrong.
And, because I can’t find any other place to share this – a friend sent me this one. The ten strangest video games in history. Lemme tell you, these games are definitely weird, but the author has a limited vantage point. He’s managed to get a couple of higher-profile indie games on the list, but the indie world has been the scene of some pretty dang funky stuff over the years, which could give ANY of these titles a run for their money…

Ten of the Weirdest Games You’ll Ever Play

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  • Keldryn said,

    Interesting reading.

    This quote from Starcraft: How Orcs in Space Went Down in Flames immediately made me think of Ultima IX:

    “State of the art projects conceived in an earlier time would drag on for years as the projects lagged behind ever more advanced competitors’ products, necessitating scope creep, redesigns, reboots and ever larger expenditures to play catch-up. StarCraft was to be Blizzard’s poster-child for this type of development process.”

    Ultima IX was in development right around this same time (1994 to 1996, put on hold to focus on Ultima Online, then restarted in 1997 to eventually be released in late 1999). That game is always foremost in my mind as a prime example of the development process gone wrong.

  • Void said,

    So many good links, that it took me a while to mark this post as “read”.
    Thank you!