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Swords & Sorcery Underworld Gold Released

Posted by Rampant Coyote on September 21, 2012

OlderBytes has released Swords & Sorcery Underworld Gold.

It’s amazing how much time can be spent in polishing and tweaking, huh?  While he’s already begun work on the sequel, creator Charles Clerc has been putting a lot of time, effort, and money into creating what I’d term a “remake” of his original game. I had dinner with him in Paris this summer, and the game was “mostly” done then. But not content with just a graphic overhaul, he has spent a good deal of effort expanding and improving the experience. A lot.

And now – you can check it out yourself and see what you think.

You can grab the free demo of Swords & Sorcery Underworld Gold here.

The game is clearly rooted in the tradition of the earlier (1-5) Might & Magic RPGs, particularly with respect to classes and combat style. It is not a particularly complicated game by any stretch -it’s fairly easy and straightforward to get into – yet it retains that interesting positioning concept from many of the old party-based first-person RPGs. Positioning can be changed in mid-combat, with creatures moving in and out of range for some subset of the party. Your party members can do likewise. Most enemies now have special attacks to contend with. And there are lots of items in the game to make equipping your party interesting.

All told, it’s a fun old-school RPG that you can sink some quality time into. If you are looking for a more modern foray into dungeons reminiscent of the old Might & Magic / Wizardry / Bard’s Tale style crawlers, you should definitely check out Swords & Sorcery Underworld Gold. Enjoy!

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  • UDM said,

    Grats Charles!

  • Charles said,

    Thank you, kind Sirs 🙂