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March to the Moon!

Posted by Rampant Coyote on September 19, 2012

Curtis (AKA Califer), a good friend and fellow veteran of Sensory Sweep has released March to the Moon, a funky, goofy, shooter-with-RPG-elements which is really a lot of fun. Version 1.1 was just released for PC and XBLIG, and it’s getting good reviews for the 360. It perhaps lacks a little bit of curb appeal (a problem I’m familiar with, myself), but its well worth checking out (and for only a couple of bones, it’s dirt-cheap). It’s been a consistent favorite at Utah Indie Nights during its development.

Here’s the link to the PC Version of March to the Moon.

It’s weird and goofy, but solid shooter-y fun. Your “character” begins on a noble quest to rid a bar’s basement of rats. Lots of rats. Rats with plasma beams, even. And other stuff. On success, you just keep right on walking, marching through all kinds of hostile battlefields all the way to… the moon. It’s not even that long of a walk. You are shooting formations of enemies with all kinds of bizarre powers as you go – orcs, goblins, aliens…

Use WASD or arrow keys to move, and you can bind your powers to the JKL and ; keys. Space brings up the level-up menu.

As you make progress, you can “level up” and purchase improved skills (or alternate skills).  Soon you are a walking (well, marching) machine of blazing death…. which you need to be, bcause the end levels pretty much require it. Dying is no great setback. And … if you complete your march to the moon, you can begin again Diablo-style as a more powerful character against a more powerful sequence of levels.

NOTE: As of this writing, there’s a little error in the demo version for the PC – it links to “March to the Moon.exe” instead of “March to the Moon – DEMO.exe”. I would mock Curtis (Califer) about this if I hadn’t ever made similar mistakes myself. We will not speak of a particularly disastrous patch I uploaded one night that only existed for a couple of hours…

Anyway, for PC gamers, the demo should be updated in a few hours (or you can make the manual fix). Or you can check it out on XBLIG.  Either way,  it’s an amusing little game. Enjoy!

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  • Charles said,

    “You don’t need to mash the attack button”.

    “You can just hold it down”.

    That, the appearance menu, the music, the off voice and the second-best rat quest in the history of… Video games.

  • Califer said,

    It seemed like everyone who I watched play the game would be mashing the attack button for all they were worth, so I tried to make it more obvious they didn’t have to wear their fingers out to play 🙂