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Tips For Getting Your Game Accepted By Steam

Posted by Rampant Coyote on May 28, 2012

Not like *I* would know, ‘cuz Valve turned me down and stuff, but hey… maybe next time:

Tips For Getting Your Game on Steam (from Valve, no less!)

There are others, of course, which are not quite so much within an indie’s control. Like: Win an award from the IGF. Or my favorite: Make gobs of money with your game without Steam.

The important take-away here is not just about getting your game on a single service. These are important things to remember for all indie games. Yeah, some of it doesn’t apply quite so much to all genres and styles.  But all of these things are useful across the board for reviews, previews, sales, or any other kinds of publishing agreements. Some of the same things that will cause the overworked reviewers at Steam to dismiss your game without a second thought may do the same thing to potential customers.


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  • Mike said,

    So you only get one shot at steam and that’s it? Lame.

  • NWegener said,

    @Mike: I don’t think so, if I remember correctly “AI War” was originally refused by Steam but then put on it after it became successful.
    But you shouldn’t expect to get more than one shot, if your game is refused by Steam they most likely got a reason for it.