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Lotsa RPG Interviews…

Posted by Rampant Coyote on May 8, 2012

… Not all of ’em indie, but enjoyable enough.

First off – Leonard Boyarsky, former CEO of Troika, former designer / artist for the original Fallout games, now a designer for Diablo III. RPG Codex has a retrospective interview that, considering Diablo III‘s imminent release, isn’t all that much retro. You can read it here. 

Random Tower of Games has an interview with Steven Peeler of Soldak Entertainment about his upcoming starfaring indie RPG, Drox Operative, which you can read here.

Vince D. Weller gave an interview with RPG France about Age of Decadence. The French version comes first, but the English version is below that.

The Legends of Eisenwald, which is more of a strategy game with RPG trappings a la Heroes of Might & Magic and King’s Bounty, gets some attention from PC Games Hardware as they interview Aterdux Entertainment CEO Alexander Dergay about the game and their Kickstarter efforts.

Brian Fargo of inXile has an interview with Gamestar about Wasteland 2.

And the Intel Software Network interviewed Thomas Rawlings of Red Wasp Design about Call of Cthulhu: The Wasted Land.

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