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Posted by Rampant Coyote on November 29, 2011

I’m heading to Thailand this weekend for the next two weeks. I’m trying to get posts ready for release during the time that I’m gone, but this is a great chance for anybody who wants to get something (game and preferably indie game related) off their chest or something to jump in and give me a hand. You will gain fame and notoriety! Or at least my humble gratitude. If you have an article you’d like to contribute (it doesn’t have to be big), email it to me at the feedback or jayb accounts. Please include your name and a link to your website (if any) as you’d like them to appear.

Thanks in advance!

And the trip is for the day job. I hope to get some touristy things in – where possible, considering the flooding – but I’m not sure how much time I’ll have available.

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  • OttoMoBiehl said,


    If we were to write an article, would you want it as a plain text document or some other sort of document?

    Also, have a fun and safe trip to the orient.

  • Rampant Coyote said,

    Plain text would probably be best.

  • Califer said,

    Could we get a bundle of that humble gratitude?

  • Xian said,

    If you get any chance at all to sightsee in Bangkok, I would recommend Wat Phra Kheo – The Temple of the Emerald Buddha. It’s very impressive with the tapestries on the walls and the unique architecture, as well as being the primary temple in the country. Right across the Chao Phraya river is Wat Arun which I enjoyed a lot – very steep steps if you climb the stupa there. Both are very near the river so I am not sure how the flooding has affected getting to the area.

    Further afield I enjoyed Khao Yai National Park, though you really need to spend the night to see all the animals come out after dark. The first wild elephant I saw was larger than the pickup I was riding in when it came out of the jungle. Ayutthaya is fairly close by to Bangkok and you can see a several old ruins there where the city has built up around them, though to see the better ones you have to go a lot farther to Sukothai or Prasat Hin Phimai, the latter probably being one of the best Khmer ruins next to Angor Wat. I am guessing that you won’t have time to go to Phuket or Kho Samui. I liked Phuket a lot better – that’s where I went on my honeymoon and continued on to Kho Phi Phi.

    The one trip I took that disappointed me was see the Bridge Over The River Kwai. It was just a simple one lane railroad bridge, nothing really special other than the history behind it. Kanchanaburi province where it was located was very pretty. I met a family there that was begging me to come live with them so they could learn English.

    I worked between Pattaya and Rayong in 1995 and 1996. I really enjoyed Thailand and try to get back when I can, though the airfare is a quite a bit for a family of four. My wife’s family lives in NE Thailand in Maha Sarakham province, way off the tourist trail. Pattaya was the closest beach to Bangkok, but I am not sure if they have cleaned it up, so I probably wouldn’t recommend it. Years ago the hotels were just dumping their sewage into the bay there, but that was supposed to have stopped, but I haven’t been back there since 96.

  • Xian said,

    If you want to take in some shopping MBK Center (Mahboonkong) has hundreds of little shops selling all kinds of souvenirs, and right across the street there is Tokyu and Siam Center Mall. Being a geek, I liked to go to Panthip Plaza, a couple miles away from those. It is a 4 story shopping mall consisting of mostly computer stores. There is also a lot of pirated software there, so you have to be sure that what you are getting is genuine. I bought quite a few parts when I lived there, though the last time I was there in 2007 the prices had went up and were nearly equal to what I could get here.