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Joust A Minute!

Posted by Rampant Coyote on November 15, 2011

The National Geographic Channel (for those who have it) is running a reality mini-series about real jousting that premiers tonight:

National Geographic: The Knights of Mayhem

Okay. I love watching the real jousts. They’ve had them here in Utah for several years now at a couple of different medieval / renaissance festivals. Over the summer, I watched one as it was being taped by National Geographic. It was definitely the most action-packed joust I’ve seen – they were obviously pushing themselves for the camera.

I didn’t know they were turning it into a reality series. While the jousting is a lot of fun, the reality series angle could get a little scary. Or more entertaining, depending on your perspective.

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  • Groboclown said,

    Ah, the Sherwood fest. I missed that one, but went to a smaller one that was held nearby. To me, the biggest thing is training those horses to want to run right towards each other. Apparently, the jousters need to choose horses that are aggressive.

  • Califer said,

    I was so disappointed that this wasn’t about flying ostriches.

  • GhanBuriGhan said,

    Is that knight shooting his opponent? Lol, Americans 😉
    I was at a local one here in Switzerland, and that was really fun. Yes, the work with the horses is particularly impressive.

  • ThreeEyedCrow said,

    They have jousting every year at Iron Fest in Aus. One of the best days out during the year.