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Star Corsairs Released!

Posted by Rampant Coyote on October 18, 2011

You know how we keep talking about RPGs that don’t have a fantasy setting? Here you go! This is an indie MMORPG from Machine 22 and veteran indie MMO developer David “Golemizer” Toulouse:

Star Corsairs

Star Corsairs is a browser-based MMORPG in which players must repel the constant alien threat against humanity. Players can explore outer space while keeping an eye on aliens, asteroids of interest and other players if they wish to engage in PvP.Players looking for a more peaceful experience will love the manufacturing system allowing them to create and customize all components required by spaceships.
According to Machine 22, features include:
  • Real-time epic space battles
  • Pilot fast fighters or powerful capital spaceships
  • Create and upgrade components for your spaceships
  • Travel anywhere in the galaxy without any restriction
  • Fight aliens, mine asteroids or engage in PvP battles
  • Public missions to easily find players to play with
  • Form an alliance and conquer space systems
It’s a free-to-play browser game, so it should be pretty easy to jump in and check out.
Here’s the trailer:

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