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Indie Test Drive of Frayed Knights: The Skull of S’makh-Daon

Posted by Rampant Coyote on September 29, 2011

I may have to hire this guy to do voice-overs for the next game…

And part 2:

Not too much new for people who have played the demo. I keep thinking, “Gah! Have Dirk use Fade! Have Dirk use Fade!” and a few other things when watching him play. It’s quite instructive watching other people play your game.

Anyway, even if you’ve played the demo, these are entertaining videos. Enjoy!

As far as other Frayed Knights news is concerned – there’s an old saying that the only bug-free software is the software that’s not being used anymore. Fortunately, it looks like Frayed Knights: The Skull of S’makh-Daon is getting a lot of users. I’m thrilled. I’ve gotten a lot of feedback, and a “nice” list of issues that need to be addressed in an upcoming update.  So I guess my whole dream of kicking back and relaxing for a day or two after release is gone. But hey, I got to sleep for over five whole hours last night, which was a big improvement!

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  • Maklak said,

    Voice-overs? About two months back You posted an interview with a game designer, who said they are a bad thing by greatly reducing flexibility in last-minute adjustments. Plus You don’t have the resources to pull it off.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=azxC7IbmtNc&feature=related Voice-overs should be either done well, or not at all. Text-only works just fine.

    On other things: Graphics looks better than in pilot. Wandering icons are better than surprise combats, but seeing the number of enemies would work even better. All those menus look more like something from a utility program than a game, but look usable. It is good, You added suggestions for feats and divided them into categories. Looks like You have random loottables, as those skeletons and cultists don’t drop a crappy sword each. Open chests could look open after one goes away and comes back, so one wont try to loot them twice. Congratulations on releasing the game.

  • Charles said,

    I think Jay was joking about the voice overs 😉

  • skavenhorde said,

    I know he was joking since I was the one who tweeted him about this video and how he should do the voice overs 😛

    I love his Chloe and he did give Ben some character. Ben was the most forgettable, but with his voice he isn’t so bad.

  • UDM said,


  • UDM said,

    (That was at 3:33 btw)

  • Karry said,

    Okay, now that i’ve seen these videos – i’m not buying this game. “Humor” here is more than i can take, just as i thought. Wiz8 install go !

  • Noumenon said,

    Karry, the humor is a lot smaller part of the game when you don’t have it read aloud to you. When you’re reading it at click-click-click videogaming speed, it just flows right by, and only later you’re like “you know what makes this game seem so original? All that banter and commentary instead of playing a voiceless protagonist and dead serious companions.”

  • Noumenon said,

    Single wandering monsters is better than showing the actual monsters because it’s more abstract. That makes it feel a little more like a minigame, and it makes the game feel more RPG-ish and less FPS-ish. You don’t ask “why can’t I crackleball the monsters, they’re right there!”

  • Maklak said,

    You have a point. Tough my questions would be rather “Why won’t they all try to rush me like in Doom?” and “Can I kite them? Can I shoot them from a safe distance? Can I somehow abuse their stupidity by standing on a pilar while AoEing them? (a bannable offence in MMORPGs for some reason)”

  • WCG said,

    Very impressive! I tried the original demo (long ago now) and I’m really impressed at what you’ve done. Frankly, just being able to see the monsters at a distance makes a huge difference.

    The game window does look a little claustrophobic for my tastes. I’d really prefer to see a wider angle. But I feel like I’m being petty even saying that, since everything looks really good.

    I haven’t bought the game yet, since I’m a bit swamped right now, but I definitely will – and sooner, rather than later. Nice job!