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Sword & Sorcery Underworld Gets New Paint

Posted by Rampant Coyote on August 30, 2011

I meant to post this over the weekend: Do you remember “Sword and Sorcery: Underworld” by Classic Games Remade? It’s an indie RPG inspired heavily by the early Might & Magic titles. The mechanics are pretty decent, overall, but when even *I* can tell that the visuals were jarringly poor, something’s wrong. If you can turn a blind eye to it, it’s a fun and very old-school game.

But it seems that in a couple of months, the game should become far easier on the eyes. It’s in the process of a complete graphical overall. You can check out the details here.

And you can see the early results here:

I really hope that this graphical upgrade gives the game the shot in the arm that it needs, sales-wise.  I want to see more games of this style that aren’t limited to 1980s-era technology limitations.

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  • Runner said,

    Yeah it’s shaping up nicely. Definitely a vast improvement over the default version.

  • Corwin said,

    It’s good that Charles listens to others and does all he can to please his fan base. I too hope that this will increase that base, as it is a really great game once you get past the visuals. Only Indie I’ve enjoyed more is FK. 🙂

  • jzoeller said,

    Very nice improvements!