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Gentlemen (and Ladies) … Start Your Game Engines!

Posted by Rampant Coyote on August 19, 2011

Ludum Dare #21 kicks off in just a few hours, where game devs around the world will take the next 48 hours to create a game “from scratch.” I won’t be participating, as all the game development I’m doing in the next 48 will be to get the next beta of Frayed Knights out the door to testers.  My own personal competition.

If you can move your schedule around to participate, however, these “game jams” are awesome experiences. If you just want to learn to make games, I can’t think of a better way to do it. Much like my “game in 40 hours” experiment, it’s a way to experience the entire development cycle on fast-forward. It’s like a boot camp for game development.

And sometimes it gives rise to ideas that form the seed of a major commercial project.

If you are interested in participating, go visit the Ludum Dare Compo Site.

Otherwise, keep an eye out for what might emerge from this weekend. Some very cool, unusual game concepts emerge from the pressure-cooker of a weekend game jam.

And to those participating: I salute you!


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