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A Terrifying Tale of Indie Game Development…

Posted by Rampant Coyote on July 27, 2011

… Wherein one developer frantically battles near-bankruptcy and changes game design repeatedly to avoid starvation, and eventually releases Amnesia: The Dark Descent to very impressive sales.

The Terrifying Tale of Amnesia (at The Escapist)

I gotta tell ya, this is a lot more riveting than the standardized-format post-mortems available in Game Developer magazine / Gamasutra. Though it does sound like the studio was at death’s door about every three months. Good thing Amnesia was a hit, huh?

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  • Hajo said,

    Being a full time Indie sure is a hard life. I must admit, I don’t dare to try but I admire those who do and find their way.

  • Rubes said,

    Thanks for pointing that out. Those guys really make good games, and I never realized how difficult it was for them. I’m glad Amnesia has done well — they deserve it.

  • Sslaxx said,

    Hard work being an indie indeed. Glad they had such success, though.

  • Latoya Shuck said,

    It’s satisfying to see a small indie video game company succeed. Just like in any field, we don’t want game development to be dominated by a few large firms.