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Posted by Rampant Coyote on July 14, 2011

The lengths I will go through to avoid having to write a new blog post, huh? Anyway, sorry about the down-time of the website today. Everything should be honky-dory now.

To make up for it, here’s a movie trailer that I personally am really looking forward to – if they don’t screw it up. Edgar Rice Burroughs “John Carter of Mars.”

I heard rumors about this a couple of years ago, and I’m glad to see it’s going to happen.

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  • Runner said,

    Looks decent, but no sign of Woola in there. They’d better have Woola!

  • Calibrator said,

    Finally: A girly-faced Conan on Mars hopping around in slow motion to crappy music!


  • Xian said,

    I hadn’t heard of this, but it definitely caught my eye. It’s been nearly 40 years since I first read the Barsoom novels, and always wondered why very little of Burrough’s writings were ever made into movies, especially after the popularity of the Tarzan movies decades ago.