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Contest Time – Swappin’ Stories About Old-School CRPGs

Posted by Rampant Coyote on June 15, 2011

To celebrate the whole going-beta thing, and the fact that the Rampant Games forums are back in business, I figured I’d run a little contest or three with indie games as the prize.

It’s a simple one, though it does require forum membership. Yes, this is my devlish plan to get people talking on the forums. Muhahahah! The prizes are copies of Viridian Games’ Inaria. It’s a short but fun old-school game I’ve talked about here on the blog, which deliberately invokes some of the look of 80s era CRPGs (especially with the Ultima-style hidden area shadowing).

The contest is on this thread.

The contest is to respond to the thread with your short tale of a memory or moment you really enjoyed playing an old-school CRPG. I’m leaving the definition of “old school” deliberately vague – if the most retro CRPG you’ve played was Fallout 3, so be it. And it doesn’t matter if you played it when the game was new or last week. Just share an anecdote or two. I may borrow your quotes for a future blog post.

The contest will last until midnight Mountain Time on Saturday, June 18th. Then I’ll pick the winners by random drawing among all those who responded with anything close to being on topic.  And yes, it’s “winners” – I’m giving away three copies of the game.

Share your stories!

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