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Age of Fear: The Undead King – Now Multiplayer, and On Sale!

Posted by Rampant Coyote on May 29, 2011

For those who crave some good turn-based strategy in a fantasy setting, you may want to check out Age of Fear: The Undead King. Developer Leszek Sliwko emailed me to let me know that not only has the multiplayer patch come out, but they are offering a 25% discount until June 6th. On top of that, if you buy it during the sale, they’ll send you two licenses instead of one – so you can play it with a friend.

I’m just going to quote him and let him extol the virtues of the game here:

Age of Fear: The Undead King is a fantasy turn-based strategy. The game features a novel battle system, two campaigns with solid fantasy stories and very flexible multi-player/skirmish mode.
The story takes place in an untamed fantasy land, where three forces: the Human Kingdom, the Greenskins’ Horde and the Undead Legion – are fighting for domination and survival.
Age of Fear: The Undead King is available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux systems (serial key is fully interchangeable between versions).

Among other things, core engine has been heavily modified to accommodate multi-player mode and skirmishes:
– Age of Fear now supports battles with Local/HotSeat Players vs. Networked Players (up to 16 remote clients!) vs. AI Players (as well as any mix of those),
– players can design their army from scratch, while AI is capable to intelligently build its own team (or reusing existing player’s army),
– moreover, our AI should be able to adjust itself to virtually any tactical situation – please feel free to experiment with it!

Multi-player and Skirmish mode
– several UI adjustments (i.a.: unit swap in recruitments panel)
– balance adjustments to units (i.a.: Undead King now causes fear, Shaman/Warlock can cure poison)
– major enhancements to AI module (pattern detection, optimized flow)
– extended demo (4th mission)

You can grab the demo and check it out yourself here: http://www.age-of-fear.net/index.php/aof-downloads

And if you’ve played it, tell us what you thought of it in the comments!

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  • Matthieu said,

    Hi Coyote,

    I downloaded demo after your post and after 15 minutes I have purchased full game.

    While graphics and sound are functional at best (music is nice), the gameplay is simply awesome!

    The damn thing hooked me from 3-rd mission and when the demo ended I just had to have it 🙂
    Right now I am about 6-th or 7-th battle and the game gets more and more interesting.


  • Matthieu said,

    After purchasing game download new version (1.3) from their webpage – it adds some nice features and new units.

    IMO, they should also update the version in shop.

  • skavenhorde said,

    @Matthieu Same with me. They ended the demo right when I was going to get a new unit, ghosts……I had to see what it could do.

    One thing I love about this game is that it’s hard and it doesn’t cheat to win.

    Also a neat little addition is that it has branches in the story. At one point if you lose a particular battle then you’re made into a lich and continue on a different path. If you win the battle it continues the story from there.

  • Chance said,

    Speaking of Turn-Based (kinda), have you checked out Frozen Synapse, Jay? I’d highly recommend it, even though it’s far removed from the standard fantasy fare you tend to post about. Think Deus Ex’s story meets Ghost Recon meets… Chess. Or something. Look it up, you may like it.

  • Matthieu said,

    Yes – I noticed the AI is quite well done.
    It’s quite refreshing after all other strategies, where AI is scripted or damn stupid.

    Which battle do you lose battle to get Lich?
    Is there any walkthrough available?


  • madcow said,

    There is review on OutOfEight.
    Reviewer is quite positive and I like it – it’s very fun game overall.

    I will not say it’s difficult, but hey – I was playing on easy 😛

    Thanks for tip with new version – I will grab it today.

    It’s nice that developers want to work on new features.

  • skavenhorde said,

    @Matthieu I believe it was mission 7 where if you lose to the orcs the story branches and you become a lich.

    As far as I know there are no walkthroughs, but if you get frustrated then you can tone the difficulty level down to easy. Easy is …well easy. You have more units you can call forth and you can “hire” as many of one group as you want.

    In normal you don’t have as many total units and attrition plays a bigger part because you only have so many of one type you can hire after each battle. I never could hire enough black knights or necromancers towards the end, but I made due with what was available.

  • madcow said,


    I believe it was mission 7 where if you lose to the orcs the story branches and you become a lich.

    Thanks! I can confirm that – you lose with orcs, then the next mission is where orcs fight humans (AI vs. AI) and you have to kill them all.

    It’s very cool level – I replayed it few times for fun 🙂

  • madcow said,

    Hi guys,

    Anyone would share any strategies how to destroy final boss?
    I tried sending vampires, but he keeps converting them and they are attacking me back.

  • skavenhorde said,

    Necromancers….lots and lots of necromancers.

    You’ll need tanks as well. I suggest a few dark knights and banshees are always a favorite of mine to either stop or weaken the badguys. Only problem is that you can’t raise them if they die. Vampires as well help a bit, but you need to concentrate on getting necromancers and black knights.

  • skavenhorde said,

    I forgot to mention that since black knights aren’t dead they can’t be converted.

  • madcow said,

    I have found another story branch 🙂
    You need to lose first battle (versus goblins) in knight’s campaign.

    Anyone knows other secrets?

  • Hari said,

    Hey, I won every battle on experienced difficulty in Krill’s campaign, but I still got turned into a lich! Crushed 3 paladins, 2 high priests, and some archers and the battle end has one stabbing me in the heart.
    Was this a bug?