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Yet More Ways to Use Your Console to Learn to Play Guitar…

Posted by Rampant Coyote on March 15, 2011

Rocksmith. Coming this fall…

Ubitsoft’s New Rocksmith Game to Let Players Use Any Real Electric Gutar…

An interesting point that’s just thrown out there in this Hollywood Reporter article about the game is this:  “Another Guitar Hero killer was the cost to license music. But Key says that’s not an issue yet with Rocksmith because bands seem eager to align themselves with a guitar game with benefits more so than mere video game.”

Hmmm. How much do you want to bet that as the game became more popular, the cost of licensing the music skyrocketed?

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  • eedok said,

    Reminds me of Guitar Rising, wonder if it’s vaporware like Guitar Rising

  • Rampant Coyote said,

    Yeah, I was waiting for Guitar Rising for more than a year after it’s announced release date. But I finally gave up on it.

  • John C. Michelson said,

    Great Article! I am an indie musician and love meeting like minded folks. Music is my passion in life and it reflects in my work. I will be back here often to read your new posts!