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Twelve Games of Christmas #10 – Dawn’s Light Christmas Tales

Posted by Rampant Coyote on December 22, 2010

It seems only appropriate that among the “Games of Christmas” I wanted to point out this month that I include some actual Christmas-themed games. Today I’m going to sneak a pair of games in as a single entry.

What’s better is that they are RPGs.

What’s even better is that they are free.

Last year, I totally missed the release of John Wizard Games’  Dawn’s Light: A Christmas Tale, based (very loosely) on their humorous and very fun flagship RPG, Dawn’s Light.

Stolen description from the website: “Can John Wizard save Christmas before it’s too late? He’ll need help from his friends from Dawn’s Light! Dawn’s Light: A Christmas Tale is a new mini adventure starring your favourite characters from Dawn’s Light. Catching squirrels, matching couples, dealing with oversensitive horses. It’s all in a days work for John Wizard.”

This year, they’ve got a sequel – Dawn’s Light: Another Christmas Tale. “A year has passed since John Wizard’s previous Christmas Tale, and John Naught is up to his old tricks again. When John Naught steals John Wizard’s hard drive, his livelihood is threatened. But this time he will be unable to enlist the help of Harvey, so the responsibility will fall on the shoulders of two unlikely heroes … Virgil and Swordhand.”


Dawn’s Light: A Christmas Tale

Dawn’s Light: Another Christmas Tale

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