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Game Announcement: Millennium 2 – Take Me Higher

Posted by Rampant Coyote on March 31, 2010

One of the problems with sequestering myself for about three months or so to focus on Frayed Knights and not adding any new games to the Rampant Games store is that I miss about five hundred releases from Aldorlea Games. Like the second game in their popular Millennium series. The new one is entitled, “Millennium 2 – Take Me Higher.” It continues the story of young Marine’s political career, in a world in which politics is almost entirely about epic adventuring and kicking butt than about backroom deals and posturing to the public and muckraking. Huh. I like that idea! I would totally take a career in politics in the real world if that was what it was about!

Marine must continue her race against time to gather the thirteen warriors – and also find her mother, aid her father, and defeat eight animal kings. The new game features forty quests, thirty-two secret rooms, four difficulty levels, nine playable characters, and beautiful artwork and music.

Now, I had a minor nitpick or two with the first game. But a more important problem is the title. I can never remember how many ‘n’s to put in the word, “Millennium.” This has haunted me for years, and it is a serious issue when I’m trying to coordinate screenshots and stuff, because I may spell ‘millennium’ differently every single time. But I think I may have grown as a person because of it.

Anyway, the game includes all kinds of improvements – like mouse control – as Aldorlea Games is turning into a pretty powerful RPG shop and refining their work. Their quality and polish has increased with every game. It makes me wonder “how?!?!?!?” Besides the fact that they are starting with RPG Maker – while it no doubt eases the burden significantly, that’s still a lot of game to write.

One thing about indie RPG “series” that always causes me to hesitate is the concern about whether or not the series will actually reach its conclusion. That’s not a given with indie developers. Actually, that’s not a given with mainstream developers, either — I have more than one mainstream game that promised to be part of a series that never materialized. But with a more mature company like Aldorlea, there’s really not much risk of ending on a cliffhanger that will never be resolved.

Millennium 2 – Take Me Higher can be played by itself, but I’d recommend starting with the first game for maximum enjoyment. And – as in the new Aveyond series, you can import your equipment over from the first game for more of a true carry-over in this direct sequel.

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  • Silemess said,

    I have to agree, the risk of signing on to a game that’s part of a series. It’s always disheartening when the series ends prematurely. But trying to get an ongoing series to last, that’s not a line I want to have to toe myself.

    The difficulty in acknowledging what the player did before is hard. Harder still is making sure that the first game allows for the second to follow without diminishing the conclusion of the first at all. As a player, I’ve always hated defeating the last boss or challenge, but to learn right then and there that it was a stalking horse for bad guy v2, to be meet next time.

    But those games that can make a world live, seem like their own stories are self contained but yet can reference other stories either already completed or yet to be written… Those are the gems that I prize in RPGs.