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Telepath RPG: Servants of God Update

Posted by Rampant Coyote on October 22, 2010

Craig Stern tried to bribe me with “exclusive” screenshots from his upcoming indie game Telepath RPG: Servants of God.  As he describes it, these are  “showing off part of a multi-part, multi-room block puzzle from one of the deadly, trap-filled desert crypts you may find yourself exploring during the course of the game.”

There are spike traps you have to avoid as well, some of which are visible in the screenshot (he implies that some might not be visible, which could be interesting or annoying depending upon how they are implemented. So the game will have turn-based tactical combat. It’ll have tons of dialog and a huge story. It will have non-combat challenges like this one.

Alas, what Craig fails to realize is that I am utterly immune to bribery attempts like this, and furthermore that I am never, ever, EVER hurting to come up with things to write about on a nearly daily basis on this blog. So his clumsy attempts to get me to talk about this ever-more-cool-sounding indie RPG from a guy that actually does have a proven track record of releasing very fine games, including two free browser-based prequels is just not going to work.

I won’t mention the very old-school western RPG approach to dialog that he is flirting with in his recent essay entitled, “Say What You Want: When Dialog Trees Aren’t Enough.” Nor call attention to the second of his voice-actor interviews.

‘Cuz I don’t know who here would be interested in a turn-based, role-playing & dialog-heavy indie RPG like this. Especially one that eschews the traditional Tolkienesque fantasy world, instead going for something that seems to have more of a steampunk-ish middle-eastern flavor.

I hope he’s learned his lesson. I’m just gonna trash this post. Let’s see, the button’s right next to the “publish” button, so I’ll click that and be done…

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