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Planescape: Torment Available from GOG.COM

Posted by Rampant Coyote on September 28, 2010

Okay, I guess all is forgiven now.

Planescape: Torment is now available from GOG.COM

I guess this means I can finally give my buddy his copy back.  I’ve had it for many moons now…

Yeah, I was one of the idiots who let this one slip past when it was first released. And it’s a pretty fair representation of the kinds of things I keep asking for in CRPGs. Totally non-traditional setting. Deep characters and storyline. Combining a familiar and popular game system (Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition, as converted to CRPG-dom via the Baldur’s Gate engine) with a refreshingly original story.

Of course, I still haven’t finished it yet, so I’ve not entirely repented of my idiocy.

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  • Captain Kal said,

    >>>Of course, I still haven’t finished it yet, so I’ve not entirely repented of my idiocy.<<<

    Don't worry you are not alone. I still haven't played it, even though I bought it, three or four months ago (I found out a magazine that gave it away, as coverdisk game). And now I am thinking about it I still haven't finished Baldur's Gate (Idiocy squared LOL).

  • Jay K. said,

    I was kind of surprised to see that X-Com isn’t on GOG.

  • McNutcase said,

    I’m agonising, and have been all day. Much as I hated the stunt, this is a game I’ve been wanting to play for YEARS, have been unable to find for any reasonable cost, and I would consider a cost significantly higher than gog’s offer to be “reasonable”. If it had shown up before the stunt, I’d have bought it in moments.

    This is really bugging me.

  • Miral said,

    Just cave in and buy it. You know you want to. 😉